Our products - 

market leading as standalone solutions, world class in combination.


Effective Broadcast-Messaging via messenger services such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger or SMS.


Professional eventmanagement by comprehensive event-solutions and individual software modules.

1:1 Kundeninteraktion 

Intensive customer relations by strong customer services via WhatsApp.

Broadcast-Messaging -

Innovative messaging via Facebook, Telegram, SMS and more.

With our Broadcast-Messaging-Solutions you are able to reach customers direct on their smartphone.

The average opening rate of messages sent via messenger apps (eg. WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc.) is 90%. (E-Mails in contrast: 25%.)

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1:1 Customer Interaction -

enormous coverage with little effort.

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger worldwide. Take advantage of its extremely wide reach (almost 1 billion users) and interact with your customers via WhatsApp.

Notification services, support channel, or any other need of your business, our WhatsApp Business API allows you to stay in touch with your customers and retain them as your customers.

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